Chopin – Waltz in E minor, Op. Posth.


2022年10月19日 13:19
Hi! As I said before in community tab, we finally hit 1M subscribers! Thanks much again!!:) It is known that Waltz in E minor was composed before Chopin left Poland. But, it was published after Chopin died. It is a Waltz of about 3 minutes with a dark atmosphere:) In some parts, it is improvised and passionate. I hope that you enjoy it!! Have a nice day!!
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  Elaine Zhou
This is the song my daughter is currently working on. She watched this video again and again. Your performance is definitely on a different level, when it's compared with others that we saw on YouTube. Love it so much!
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  Mario Saveca
Don't know how many times I've rewatched this… Absolutely stunning 👏👏👏
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  Pure Vessel
I’m thirteen years old and can memorize this piece with ease. I’d just like to say that I feel Kassia’s tempo is a little too fast, making the music feel too rushed. I think it should be a little slower (180 bpm) to put more emphasis on the lyrical middle section. Overall very well playing, I do love your channel!!
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  Lucia HeLlo
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이 노래 들으니깐 상쾌해요~~~~~~~~
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  PianoForte (Stoped posing)
I only learnt piano in 20 months and knew 8 pieces but and studying 1 waltz (waltz no 19) and this level gonna take me like… 3 and a half ỷears ?
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  Paul King
First time for me to hear this piece. Quintessential Chopin, as always.
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  Иван Челноков
2023年2月4日 13:29   いいね0件   返信0件
He was 19 years old when he composed this.
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