The Best of Piano: The most beautiful classical piano pieces for relax & study


2020年12月17日 14:01
Well this isn't exactly the video I had planned for today – there is something big behind the scenes that is being planned for Beethoven's 250th, but alas 2020 has been the year it has and things have been impossible to do. I've had a lot of people asking for a playlist of the videos without outros, so I put together a whole compilation of them for those who wish to listen to the more relaxing ones all in one sitting 😀 By the way, I'll be hanging out around Discord more these holidays, so if you want to come chat, join me here ♥
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  Kristin Muir
Has anyone ever taught themselves to play the piano by watching Rousseau's videos?! Because that's what this inspires me to do…absolutely beautiful ♥
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  Erebus Aether
The first piece… really hits hard. It reminds me of a sad and happy memory in my mind and heart.
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Can you please put more adverts? I just dive into it, chopin prelude, full emotions and then BAAANG, toilet PAPER or invest your money NOW advert full minute !! Totally inapropriate! Otherwise, fantastic interpretation. One of the best. Fit for Queen Elizabeth competition. I would do that prelude bit faster, in a style of V. Lisitza, but thats just me…
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  Linda Spencer-Blackledge
I have enjoyed hearing these selections. However, I was wondering why they were being played at a slower tempo? I'm sorry, but I had to turn it off when Moonlight Sonata came on. A funeral dirge it is not. I'm 70 years old now, almost 71 and I have been playing piano since I was 6 years old. You have good expression and good technique, but I believe you might benefit from listening to Van Cliburn or Artur Rubenstein recordings of these selections.
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  Desiree Nichols
i am learning how to play the keyboard
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  Valeria Vava
Completamente encantada! Quando estou tendo crises de ansiedade essas melodias me salvam. Eternamente grata ❤
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this guy must be the best piano tiles player ever!!!!!
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