Tchaikovsky – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (The Nutcracker)


2021年12月31日 14:17
Hi! How are you? I was supposed to upload this piece at Christmas:) But, my dog was sick. So, the uploading has been delayed. Please understand it:) Nowadays, lots of people like Tchaikovsky’s pieces. This piece is very popular. And.. it reminds me of the Christmas atmosphere:) I hope that you guys like this performance as usual. Anyway, 2022 is coming. If you have any plan to practice the piano, which piece are you going to practice? I hope you have a very happy and healthy new year!:)
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  Jannis 11
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  Rain Rhapsody
Do yall also get music cravings? Like you just need to listen to a piece so bad… I got a music craving for this one today
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Tom & Jerry !
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한국인 찾아요~~
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  Galung Gum
내일 아침에 7살 아들에게 보여줘야 겠어요 좋아라 할거 같아요 피아노 불 들어오는게 재밋네요 ^^
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당신의 정체가 궁금합니다.
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  David Davitashvili
Это было шикарно и шедеврально!
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  MackBour & The Petite Hombre
I love this song! (especially the way you play it)
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Sensational performance as always.
Can you do Mozart Symphony no 40 someday?
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