Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

2020年2月17日 14:00
I'M BACK!!! Here's something a little bit different – Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor, perhaps the most magical experience you can have in world of music, if you've never just closed your eyes and let Bach take you along for the journey, you are missing out. Written approximately 300 years ago, a piece as grand as this arguably wasn't to be written until the next century with the grand symphonies of the romantic period, it's quite easy to see how Bach was well ahead of his time and is, to this day, considered the grandfather of all modern music. I hope you enjoy the crunchiness in that intimidating introduction and the new patterned effects! This has been one of the most enjoyable videos to create in a long time 😀 For any organists, excuse the format (with the 3rd hand "pedals" and automatic registration), and a big thanks to my good organist friend for his guidance and advice. Hope you've all had a good start to 2020 ♥
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  ilya Ioudin
This piece is so powerful that Rousseau immediately gave birth to his third hand while playing.
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  Canal Auto Didata – Autodidática Automotiva
How is it possible that 966 people unlike this masterpiece played wonderfully.
Greetings from Brazil!
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  Yash Sah
And people say that they listen to CLASSICAL to RELAX.
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  Gavin Ohlhauser
Why does this guy have three hands
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  JadenFolf // Alpha Z
That sounds like an out of tune piano
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  Channel Nobody Watches
Why is this actually in C minor, tho? Why is it a whole step down from the apparent notes?
2021年7月17日 21:22   いいね2件   返信1件
  Ben DeVeny
what an absolutely epic piece of music. Thank you and well done.
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How can i find music like this again?
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  Rhafael de Oliveira
Michel Temer preparando-se para escrever a cartinha do Bolsonaro!
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