Hans Zimmer – Interstellar (Epic Cinematic Cover)

2020年4月1日 18:13
I introduce you to my 5th hand – grown now during isolation, I name him Hands Zimmer. Ever since the video of Bach's Toccata and Fugue, I've been getting non-stop requests to play the Interstellar theme with this organ sound – the most out of any piece this year. In true isolation spirit I spent way to long messing around with the video effects and audio production here, doing a lot of experimenting, but everything you see and hear was created from scratch. In general, as fun as they are to play, I want to leave all of the film score covers to the amazing Patrik Pietschmann – he is the expert with those. I'm sure most of you are familiar with him, but if not (check the link in description, his is hands down the best solo piano arrangement of the Interstellar theme) and you want to see more film score covers in this format, his channel is the place to go! I hope you're all in good health and have a safe month this month ♥
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  Ralph Roberts
1.6k dislikes?? Wtf?
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4:16 correct me if im wrong but thats 8 damn hands
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Ok, now i want to see the movie, again
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  Saadat Kitab
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  Sergo РА
браво, браво!!!
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If I ever die, I want this in the background. Even if I die choking on a hotdog.
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  da rainbow’s grey
I just freaking love It. It makes me feel.
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Okay so you need 5 hands to play this.
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  Mj Sltni
this gives me goosebumps every single time😶😶😶
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