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2021年12月20日 10:48
Hi!:) How are you? Recently, I prepared some videos for Jaime Altozano (YouTuber)’s classical music course about learning how to listen and enjoy Classical Music. (His course is so great for people to know classical music history and how to enjoy it. If you can speak Spanish, I recommend you to check it. ) Anyway, When I prepared the videos, I decided to upload them for the beautiful piano collection. You can find some new performances in this video:) I hope that you guys like this collection! I plan to upload a new video this week. Please keep watching my channel! Thank you! Have a nice day!
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전캐논 노래가 너무 좋아요 ㅎㅎ
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  FRIDAY TV 프라이데이 TV
16:40 이 부분의 연주가 너무 좋네요^^
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  Dilli K
This is great. How to make a video like this with visual effects?
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  Andrew G
I hear many notes in Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake that sound veryyyyyy similar to some of the music in star wars…particularly return of the jedi, or revenge of the sith maybe.
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Can you do such a tutorial of this song? Lo Mimieux – Misericorde
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  Relaxing Music
Romantic Piano Music ❤ helps me a lot to have a good start of the evening ❤ after a hard day working.
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  Mundo Militar
Pow… não tem uma música de Chopin nesse meio? kkkk
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  Daniel Gurev
Tanjiro Kamado no Uta pls play it 🥺
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