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2021年12月20日 10:48
Hi!:) How are you? Recently, I prepared some videos for Jaime Altozano (YouTuber)’s classical music course about learning how to listen and enjoy Classical Music. (His course is so great for people to know classical music history and how to enjoy it. If you can speak Spanish, I recommend you to check it. ) Anyway, When I prepared the videos, I decided to upload them for the beautiful piano collection. You can find some new performances in this video:) I hope that you guys like this collection! I plan to upload a new video this week. Please keep watching my channel! Thank you! Have a nice day!
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this helped a lot cause i am learning this version of the song
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the first one, gives me so much blockheads nostalgia and im crying since it has been years since i played it and made so much memories, thanks for making this- 🙂
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당신은 한국인
을 찾고 있군요 절 찾으셨습니다!다른분도보이게 위로올려주세요 !
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  Рок Стар
Спасибо за то что помогаешь улететь)
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yaay i know the pieces thanks to twoset violin <3
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  세계의 파괴를 막기위해
꿈빛 파티시엘 생각난다
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  SaangHyun Yee
how is the work? is that program? or CG?
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  Natalie Su
Did you know that cannon'n in D is my performance song and I won the competition yay😁
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