Nico Cartosio – Girl On An Iceberg


2021年8月31日 13:01
Dear Mr. Rousseau!

Earlier today I got a short message from my mother that said: "Rousseau is playing your music". I didn't understand what she meant at first, but it finally hit me upon logging into Youtube.
To be honest, the degree of my excitement makes it hard to put two words together – I can't tell you how inspired I am by your performance!
I just don't know how I can ever thank you. Seriously, though – your deed gives me strength to carry on and puts meaning back into my music.
I apologize for such a muddled message – it is from a euphorically proud man who can't thank you enough.


2021年8月31日 14:59   いいね3883件   返信59件
Im done with these simply piano ads.
2023年12月11日 17:46   いいね2件   返信0件
Rousseai is the only one to cure monday depression.
2024年3月31日 06:06   いいね0件   返信0件
Can someone plesse tell me the name of the song playing at the end?
2024年3月24日 09:24   いいね0件   返信0件
please do mendelssohn songs without words 1
2024年3月24日 04:31   いいね0件   返信0件
Your dongs ar just si butyful
2024年3月23日 17:06   いいね0件   返信0件
Could you play carol of the bells if you don’t know it it’s ok if you don’t know it😊
2024年1月13日 17:38   いいね0件   返信0件
I really need the piano sheet music
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Had me at girl on
2023年12月5日 01:38   いいね0件   返信0件
eu toco piano e queria tocar assim
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