Ludovico Einaudi – The Water Diviner


2021年6月7日 14:32
  Ludovico Einaudi
Rousseau, it is a real pleasure to find this piece performed by you on your channel. Thank you so much for sharing my music over the years, it is appreciated.
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Wonderful , moving . A delight .
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  Armide Suárez Luzardo
This feeds the soul
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  Kecoak Sakti
Sudah berapa lama anda berlatih bermain piano?
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roseasou neeever feeeilsa
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  abdoulaye sarr
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  Sergius Fringuello
INcantato !!! per d'avvero! come l'acqua cende giù …
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outro music ?
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Thanks for performing this song Rousseau, your version of this song is amazing the genius that is ludovici einaudi even praised you, please keep performing/ posting songs. You re genius.
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  Macisar Tolav
Thanks 👍😊😊
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