Ludovico Einaudi – The Water Diviner


2021年6月7日 14:32
  Ludovico Einaudi
Rousseau, it is a real pleasure to find this piece performed by you on your channel. Thank you so much for sharing my music over the years, it is appreciated.
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  B Noelle
This is masterful! Tears streaming while hearing true greatness. Thank you
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  Aline Guerreiro
2022年7月2日 23:01   いいね0件   返信0件
I don't have any words for this expect: beautiful.
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  Justin Nolan
"crying with joy" I cannot believe you did this! Very beautiful music you did! I almost bursted into tears!
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  shane park
Rousseau. I hope you can see my letter but I am a grade 2 at piano and I started to watch when I was a primer level so I saw your vids and I was so amazed that there were lots and lots of favorite songs so I decided to subscribe and also I was you 3.9millionth subscriber so if you see this letter pleas read it

Sincerely, Shane Park

2022年6月17日 06:40   いいね0件   返信0件
Ludovic always makes such amazing music… they’re so easy to cry to.

Seeing you perform it makes it come to life even more, it’s gorgeous. Thank you so much.

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  Colby Moorman
What a perfect song
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  Beth Alves
Wow…wonderful! It really touched my soul!
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