Ludovico Einaudi – The Water Diviner


2021年6月7日 14:32
  Ludovico Einaudi
Rousseau, it is a real pleasure to find this piece performed by you on your channel. Thank you so much for sharing my music over the years, it is appreciated.
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  Self Repair
As fingers flow over black and white ivory. A symphony of emotion comes to play. out to a rythm of warmth to sea of tranquility.
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  Juan Vargas
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  Grizzle G
Been so depressed lately and piano music is what brightens my day back up
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Amazing piece. Perfectly soothing. I have a question, can you tell me which VST plugin you use because I want my tutorials to sound like yours? Thank you.
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I thought pianos get ruined by water
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One day, I want to be able to do this.. Fkin love this!
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Это великолепно
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  Destrox Z
So beautiful❤
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  Self Repair
As the sun sets on part of your life. The sun rises upon the new.its up to the reader of this. To look within yourself. To find the truest part of you. And let your hope of love ,guide you. And some day when your lost. God will be there to show you. Everything. At the Cross is where I hope to meet all of you. Time is precious. You are important. You are loved truly. Search for the light in a dark world and then you will have all that you need to carry you through. Until you are truly born anew
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