Chopin – Ballade No. 4 in F Minor (4M Special)


2021年9月9日 14:00
4 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!! It’s hard to believe that only 3 years ago, I was posting the first video on this channel, curious if anyone would be interested in watching it. Now, here you all are. There’s no piece I’d rather celebrate 4M subscribers with than Chopin’s Ballade No. 4, a masterclass in romantic writing and one of his finest works. Thank you for being here with me on this journey, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday <3
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  Sterling Archer
Hey Rousseau. I hope you’re doing well. you’re the only pianist that has such good emotion and skill and I just hope that the negative events you were living are gone and that you’re happy
2022年12月5日 04:44   いいね4件   返信0件
I miss him
2022年12月4日 01:03   いいね2件   返信0件
  Chuck Deniyo
what program do you use because if it's synthesia i want to know how to setup note effects like-wise.
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  Ali catal
What are you planning for this Christmas Rousseau
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  my username
What if because he's taken such a long break YouTube now refuses to show the videos he makes? It's company policy.
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  bascunan lopetegui
son sus manos de verdad?
2022年12月4日 01:15   いいね1件   返信0件
  Alejandro Laverde
I miss u man.
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Im probably going to sound really dumb here i know, but im wondering what makes the note show, is it just a video editing thing or is there actually pianos that has this feature?
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  Brozo Micki-Sothe
He’ll come back for 5M
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