Dvořák – From the New World (Symphony No. 9 4th Movement)


2022年2月9日 12:42
Hello! I have not played for pieces by Dvorak in my channel. Symphony No. 9 “from the new world” is very popular. (especially, the melody of the 4th movement) For the video, I arranged this piece into a short piano piece so that you guys can enjoy it. Hope you enjoy it:) Thank you so much!
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  pingo! . . . 💭
reminds me of forest of piano!!
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  Cindy Yan
ATEEZ also used this for their Kingdom performance with Wonderland!
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  Xichan slayer
You played it just right with that sense of marching into battle, a sense of absolutely beautiful resolution like right now the emotions this interpretation brings out in me is too much and I'm struggling to get out that this was just awesome.
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  Enrique Lee
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I think this is the most beautiful song I have ever heard
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so jaws copied its music, i’ve been lied to my whole life.
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  Melanie Gibson
such a wonderful job! i had this one part of the movement stuck in my head it was literally the 5-6 note/ cord riff that repeats a few times around 1:15 along with the trilly parts (do you call them trills on the piano?? sorry i only ever played wind and brass lol) but i literally searched the whole 11:25 mins of the movement on spotify and could not find it … turns out my brain was isolating a specific piano part in probably a very short segment of the actual movement?? anyways glad i stumbled upon this vid while going down this hole at 530 am 😅
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  Rick Astley
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