Rachmaninoff – Elegie (Op. 3 No. 1)


2024年2月28日 11:25
Hello. This time, I have prepared Rachmaninoff's Elegie. It is one of Rachmaninoff's early works, offering a beautiful and.. melancholic musical experience. Recently, some subscribers have requested playlists. I have created various playlists, which can be found by going to the “Home” tab of my channel, below “Popular Videos” and “Videos” sections. Please feel free to use them if needed. Thank you so much! Have a nice day!
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Hola Kassia muy buena pieza, me gustaría que subieras un video tocando la de Ensueño vals criollo de A, estaría genial 😁, estaré en espera de que me respondas ❤👏🏻🙌🏻
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Kássia please play prelude and fugue in c minor ❤️ Its a beautiful piece
2024年3月15日 20:41   いいね1件   返信0件
Hey, Kassia I’ve wanted you to play this piece for a long time. It’s called Hungarian Rhapsody no.2, by Liszt hopefully you will play it 🙂
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Mister incredible is too sad after seeing this piece
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Rachmaninoff has many underrated pieces that are overlooked!
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쇼팽 폴로네이즈 연주해주실 수 있나용
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Слишком быстро и поверхностно
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hey Kassia pls play Hungarian rhapsody no 2
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