Vivaldi – Spring / The Four Seasons


2024年3月29日 13:51
Hello. I performed Vivaldi's Spring 1st movement. Similar to how other pieces in Vivaldi's Four Seasons evoke the feeling of their respective seasons, this piece also truly makes you feel the spring. I hope you enjoy this piano arrangement and performance! Previously, I uploaded videos with Vivaldi's Summer 3rd and Winter 1st. Around the time of autumn, I plan to create a collection video through some revoicing and video editing. Thank you! Have a nice day!
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When will you do face reveal😢
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Perfection that came to me just at a time when the spring weather was starting to be felt. Merci beaucoup 💎
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I’m finishing Hungarian rhapsody number 2 by Liszt I would love to see your version of it :)!
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Can you do orange flowers please? My grandma loves that piece so much and I want to learn it, so I can play it for her
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I did recently baroque at school and the teacher said as an assignment to listen the four seasons so this video helped!
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Filrer 1 🙏🙏
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Wowwwww 🤯
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사계절이 있다는 것은 감사한 일
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Kassia what’s ur ethnicity?
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