Mozart – Piano Concerto No. 23, II. Adagio


2021年10月7日 12:11
Hi, everyone:) How are you? Thank you for waiting for my video. At this time, I prepared Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23, II. Adagio. I transcribed it for piano solo. To express which part is originally performed with orchestra, the particle background is added. (I expect that you can easily know which part is composed for the orchestra) Personally, I think that this piece is so sad and beautiful. I believe that some of you guys know this piece because it was used for the soundtrack in some dramas and movies. I hope that you guys like this performance. Thank you so much for your support. Have a nice day!
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  Youtube commenter gal
Kassia do you have syneasthesia specifically the ability to see colours in music because you kind of captured that here. Only it's not changing colour and shade of light but basically this is what goes on in my brain when I listen to music. I love how you seamlessly played the orchestral parts in piano. It's beautiful. I'm downloading this to listen to anytime but preferably before bed.
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  Piano Forte
Can I learn Nuvole Bianche piano as my third song after river flows in you and canon in d (lee galloway) that are my first 2 songs? ( Not by sheet music)
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  J SS
이번 것도 대박이다…
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Wonderful interpretation @Kassia. There's a lot of passion in your personal way to play this wonderful adagio. Bravo!!
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Perfect! Bravo
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  carlos daniel Scala
Molto bene grazie Evitaeterna.
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제 개인적인 의견이지만 피아노 유튜버들 중에 kassia님 실력이 넘사벽…
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  Alex OneVolt
and to finish this masterpiece … a bit of that delicacy
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  Gonzalo Olivares
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