Ludovico Einaudi – Experience


2022年5月10日 13:21
How are you?:) It's been a while since I've uploaded the video. I am really sorry for the late upload. I was not able to upload videos in the last 2~3 months due to personal circumstances. I hope that you understand. I expect that I can upload videos more often from June. Anyway, I have prepared the video with the piece, Ludovico’s Experience. this piece was composed while Ludovico spent his summer holiday in the Swiss Alps. In his interview, he said that this music is structured to express that “the music had the power to lift you off the ground”. I hope that you like this piano solo version. Thank you so much!:) Have a nice day!
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  first of all
always enjoy your perfomance kassia
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  Martin Vesely
Its so amazing,you are so amazing
inspiration for all of us
For me definitely👏👏👏👏👏
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  Sentenced To
You’re my favorite pianist and I hope you’ve been doing well recently. Thank you for this arrangement!
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This is so incredibly beautiful.
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  Jane Josephine
Can you do Bellas lullaby?
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Amanhã meu professor vai entregar a partitura pra eu poder tocar essa música, vai ser essa música que eu vou apresentar no final do semestre. Obrigada pelo vídeo. Sua interpretação tá maravilhosa Kassia, ficou muito bom.

Tem uma música que eu gostaria que você tocasse, se chama Mariage d'Amour/ Spring Waltz, acho que a maneira que você toca o piano essa música vai ficar perfeita, também tem Rush E, é bem legal pra falar a verdade, fica a sua escolha tocar essa. Boa sorte com seus problemas pessoais, espero que você melhore logo e fique bem. Se cuida e tenha um bom dia ok? 🙂

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  Geerten Helmers
I used to think this piece was overrated, but your cover is incredible! I am now considering learning to play it too
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  Daaf PF
make a
Rousseau vs Kassia 🙂
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