Ludovico Einaudi – Experience


2022年5月10日 13:21
How are you?:) It's been a while since I've uploaded the video. I am really sorry for the late upload. I was not able to upload videos in the last 2~3 months due to personal circumstances. I hope that you understand. I expect that I can upload videos more often from June. Anyway, I have prepared the video with the piece, Ludovico’s Experience. this piece was composed while Ludovico spent his summer holiday in the Swiss Alps. In his interview, he said that this music is structured to express that “the music had the power to lift you off the ground”. I hope that you like this piano solo version. Thank you so much!:) Have a nice day!
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Rousseau's cover has 11M views and yours despite of being way better has 400k
No hate to Rousseau, I just love yours way more, you're underrated
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  Julia Sassenberg
Just in love with this piece and especially your version of it. Can you maybe do a video of Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi at some point? <3<3<3
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  Chandrajit Rout
The real fun begins at 3:57 . That's the best interpretation of Experience…. You changed my experience. 🎧
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  รักษ์ธรรม รักศรีอักษร
Will you come back? TwT
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  philomena Mcquade
God I love this piece so much, it's hauntingly beautiful and I think under rated. Not easy to play.
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Your videos are the very best, I would pay you money to do Ancora by Einaudi
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  Mansoor Mehnati
Absolutely stunning. You are great pianist.
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