Debussy – La cathédrale engloutie (The Sunken Cathedral)

2020年6月1日 13:09
Debussy. La cathédrale engloutie, in English – "The Sunken Cathedral". Has there ever been a piece written that encapsulates an image better than this one? This was the work that opened the door to impressionism (as much as Debussy hated the word) for me, hearing the distant ringing of bells, undulating waves, even feeling the coldness of the water, there is so much that is said – and it is only said by a piece of felt hitting some strings in the right order and time (and it was said for the first time over a century ago) travelling via pressure waves to our ears. I don't know about you but thoughts like this make me truly appreciate how important music is to the concept of 'being human', and how lucky we are to be able to experience it so readily with the internet. I hope you all enjoy and have a safe start to your June ♥
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  hannah michaels
This piece is so… genius I can’t explain it. I’m really at a loss for words. How astounding that a piece can sonically make you visualize a literal sunken cathedral without words… The art of writing and words is beautiful as well but to me it’s almost even more impressive that you can tell a story with just sound… The word I would use to describe this piece is uncanny… There isn’t anything like it in the world that is similar …. Music always blows my mind because there’s a limited amount of pitches and chords you can make with those pitches and yet such otherworldly creations can be created and created again…
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This piece just amazes me. I really like Debussy’s style of piano, it’s just so soft and high with that powerful side with it. I’m still learning, so this is on my to-do list of many classical songs now!
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  secret asian man
The underwater level music:
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  Akchansh Bhatt
Is it only me or 2:14 to 2:19 gives a very Minecraft OST like feel…

BTW love this one and Scriabin etude op. 8 No. 12 but kinda underrated

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It’s Debussy. It’s gonna be good.
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  Jaroslav Horák
Debussy's pieces are immensely beautiful, somehow, they go hand in hand with van Gogh's paintings. 🙂
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  name360 ilikebears
I was just about to say this sounds like a song they’d play after finishing a mass at church the title fits so well
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Brother this is magnificent, but what a nice atmosphere
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2:19 drop button
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