Scott Joplin – The Entertainer | Ragtime


2024年1月30日 11:22
Hi! I have uploaded my first video in 2024 with the piece, Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer." I hope you enjoy watching it! Thank you so much! Can you leave a comment suggesting pieces you'd like to hear on my channel in 2024? Have a nice day!
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YESSSS, more Joplin please! Ragtime hits the spot
2024年3月13日 05:25   いいね2件   返信0件
Ни стыда, ни совести, ни ссылки на ноты😅
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What Visualizer are you using?
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Me and my brotheren listened to this in the pubs back in the 30s.
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you know it’s over when this starts playing in a bar fight
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i'm 13 y/o and i'm learning this masterpiece on piano, is this good?
2024年3月24日 11:22   いいね0件   返信1件
Fingers that dance perfectly
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