Mozart – Symphony No. 40 1st Movement


2023年2月8日 11:11
Hello!!:) Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 is a popular piece and, lots of people like it. There is a good piano arrangement by Hummel. But it is not played much. So, I have prepared the performance with that arrangement. I hope that you like it!:) Have a nice day!!
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my favorite!
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  Άγγελος Πατρινιός
Please can you play Mozart sonata no 8 1st mvt
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Please, can you play Mephisto waltz no. 1 By Franz Liszt?
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  Guilherme de Oliveira Barreto
Emocionante peça, meus ouvidos agradecem muito pela interpretação!
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  Акнур Халык
Вы так круто играли браво 💗💗👏👏👏👏👏👏
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무슨 피아노 사용하시나용?
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  Boyfriend Wannabe
The first time I discover this piece is from Nokia ringtone.
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Your interpretations never fail to amaze me, your playing is so excellent.. no words. Would love to see you play Beethoven Bagatelle Op.119 No, 3 someday!
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  Burny Fernandes
Owen Was Her please or Grandma from Nier OST 🙂
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