The Best of Chopin Nocturnes


2021年7月14日 12:27
Hi:) I was supposed to upload a new video with a new recording which I recorded. But, It needs more time for visual effects. So, at this time, I prepared the collection with videos that I uploaded before. Lots of subscribers want me to upload this collection. Chopin’s Nocturnes have beautiful and sad feelings. Nowadays, lots of people love Chopin’s Nocturnes. All Nocturnes are great, but, I picked up some popular pieces for my channel. I hope that you like this collection video I think that I can upload a new video with a new recording in the next week. Please wait for it Thank you!! Have a nice day!
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  Marco Yuri Jiménez
Nocturne Op. 55 No. 1 in F Minor reminds me of Rick and Morty
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Great job! Lovely!
(Little bit of own thoughts but I feel like Rachmaninoff may have taken some portions of this 14:24 as reference for his work, it sounds a bit like it.)
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Fantastic! Beautiful to listen to, and I love watching how your fingers use the contours of the black keys to help navigate by touch.
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i freaking love chopin so much!!!!
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  deuf91 deuf YT
hi I wanted to know how did you manage to have the score on the screen and thank you for knowing beautiful music
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  Ludwig van Beethoven
No, I am better than Chopin
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  Lu Pires
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  Paolo San martin
Rousseau 2.0 lol
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