Saint-Saëns – Danse Macabre


2021年11月10日 14:17
Hello! How have you been? I was supposed to upload the special piece Saint-Saëns’s “Danse Macbre” for Halloween. Due to several problems, uploading the video has been delayed. (…Happy belated Halloween!..) By the way, do you guys already know this piece? Although this piece was composed for orchestra, I hope this piano version, too!:) There are several piano arrangements. I used Liszt’s version for this performance. Thank you much! Have a nice day!
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  Ricardo RGB
Is it another version of Liszt's transcription? Cuz it's missing a lot of parts from the main transcription
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구독을 안할수가 없는..신의 경지…
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  Ivernestin S
This remind me of those impossible synthesia videos
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  Sofiis 0408
Can you do Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso?
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  Анатолий Попов
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  zero alix
what is the piano brand name?
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Kassia why the music instead of the noise?
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  Spoiled Milk
I always enjoyed playing this in orchestra, I may still have the music.
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  Aleqsandre Jikidze
We had a concert at my music school once and a duo played this, it had me so shook but I lost the video, yet still it has been my motivation for about three years and I finally dug up a video of the duo on an old camera, I was searching for the name of the piece for the whole day today and I finally found it I'm so happy I'm literally melting 😭😭😭😭
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